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What to wear at a beach wedding?

Dear Aunt Dandelion,
We are going to an island beach wedding. What is the proper attire for men, because of the heat, and the grandmother of the bride, since it will so humid and hot? The bride is formal, with no veil or train, and the wedding party is in the typical wedding attire with the men in suits.
-- Grandmother of the Bride.
 Aunt Dandelion replies:

The choice of a beach venue suggests that the couple desires an informal wedding -- otherwise, why choose a hot, sandy beach? Guests should be encouraged to wear outfits that are both weather- and occasion-appropriate.
  • For men, a light-colored linen suit, or cotton or linen slacks and shirt (with or without a tie), are fitting. Leather sandals may be worn, to navigate through the sand.
  • For women, a lightweight dress or sun dress (with an optional jacket, shawl, or wrap to prevent sunburn) is appropriate. Shoes or sandals with low heels are a wise fashion choice.  
For you, Grandmother of the Bride, Aunt Dandelion suggests the type of outfit that would be a smash at a garden party. Choose a lightweight suit or dress, either light-colored or in a tasteful pattern that borrows from nature (such as flowers or leaves); a hat that won't blow away in the wind; and strappy, low-heeled sandals, which will enable you to walk steadily on the sand.

Beach weddings can be color-coordinated, but Aunt Dandelion thinks it would be fun to see a riot of island colors in the guests' attire.

As long as no shorts, t-shirts, tube tops, sneakers, or flip flops show up, it should be a beautiful and carefree event.

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