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Do I have to send a Valentine to everyone who sent me one?

Dear Aunt Dandelion,
I received a couple of Valentine's Day cards from people I wasn't expecting them from. Is the correct etiquette to send them a card back? -- George in Dallas, TX
Aunt Dandelion replies:

Valentine's Day is one of those celebrations that is generally limited to the actual day it falls on - February 14th. Unlike Christmas, for example, when you can send cards throughout the month of December, you really have to "hit" Valentine's Day on the nose.

All this means is that it may be impractical to try to send a Valentine's Day card or gift to someone after February 14th. In Aunt Dandelion's view, a phone call or email to say 'thank you for the lovely surprise' would be a wonderful way to acknowledge an unexpected greeting.

If you really like the sender, place a reminder on your calendar for next year so you can send them your love right on time.

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