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Hats off!

Gentlemen, do you wear a hat wherever you go? Aunt Dandelion reminds you that the coolest fashion statement on the street is a faux pas (that’s French for “false step,” or mistake) indoors. In restaurants, homes, theaters, offices, and places of worship, all hats must be removed.

This goes for every type of common head wear* from ball caps to top hats. Especially ball caps — some wearers of these casual caps seem glued to them. But they must be removed as soon as you step through the door. If you are worried about hat hair, just step into the men’s room and use a comb to fluff up your hairstyle.

Where to hang your hat

Use a hat rack or check your hat with the coats, if possible. If you must carry your hat to the table in a restaurant, never, ever place it on the table! This is unsanitary and unsightly. You may place it on an empty seat if one is available. Otherwise, it will have to go on the floor. Place it upside-down in order to keep the inside of your hat clean. Don’t forget to take it with you when you leave.

* Exceptions are made for religious headwear. Consult your place of worship for appropriate guidelines.

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