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Escorting his prom date up to the stage

My son will soon be escorting a date to prom. During the grand march he will be escorting this young woman up and down a small flight of stairs which gains them access to a stage. Is it proper for him to walk up and down the stairs at her side, to remain lower and thus “hand her to safety” or precede her up and down the stairs slightly to guide her progress? -- Denise in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

Aunt Dandelion replies:

As long as the stairway is wide enough, they will walk up side by side as a couple, with the young lady's right hand resting on the gentleman's left arm (or following the example set by the organizers, if different. Uniformity of behavior and appearance is highly desirable on this occasion).

If the stairs are very narrow, he will hand her up safely. The only instance in which he would precede her would be if she were physically challenged in some way and required extra assistance. Aunt Dandelion hopes this is not the case.

Aunt Dandelion wishes the young couple a wonderful prom night.

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